30% OFF ALL WATCHES We are having a watch sale! All of our watches will be 30% off. All of our brands, Micheal Kors, Kate Spade, Obaku, and Bulova watches will all be included in this sale. This offer is only valid for watches that we currently have in stock in the store. Come on in and find your perfect watch for a great price today! Do not wait because this offer is only .

The Start of Happily Ever After

Cailey & Josh   We love hearing our customers engagement stories so here is another one that was so touching. We love this love, don't be shy send us your proposal stories to be featured. This is what Cailey had to say when I asked her about how Josh proposed. "Josh and I met ten years ago at a summer camp and I grew up having the biggest crush on him. It was not .

A Proposal to Remember

Brook & Susan   This proposal story really has that wow factor at least when Brook tells it. Brook and Susan just recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. We asked both of them to tell us about their proposal story and got two very different stories. We will let you decide for yourself which story really happened.😆 Susan’s Story: Brook and I were set up on a blind date I liked Brook so we .

Our Furriest Customer

Our Furriest Customer Our Store Mascot This is Weiser. Weiser is a Kentucky Red Golden Retriever and he comes into see us in the store every morning. Weiser and his owner Tom sit at a table right in front of our store and enjoy some Starbucks and the Florida weather, rain or shine, every day. When we open up the store at 10:00am sharp we prop the doors open and call Weiser inside to .