Brook & Susan


This proposal story really has that wow factor at least when Brook tells it. Brook and Susan just recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. We asked both of them to tell us about their proposal story and got two very different stories. We will let you decide for yourself which story really happened.😆

Susan’s Story: Brook and I were set up on a blind date I liked Brook so we went on a second date and proceeded to date for another two years. We were living in Salt Lake City, Utah and so we went downtown to a restaurant called Ninos. I instantly knew something was up because this restaurant was way more expensive than we could usually have afforded at the time. We enjoyed dinner and at the end of dinner Brook asked me to marry him. I was overjoyed and of course said yes, it was a very special night that I will never forget.

Brook’s Story: I had just saved an entire bus load of people including children and a pregnant woman, I was being treated for 3rd degree burns at the hospital in Salt Lake City. When I saw her across the emergency room floor. I instantly knew that she was the one for me so I went to the hospital gift store and they miraculously had the most perfect diamond ring so I purchased it with all the money I had in my pocket and proposed to her that same night. We have been married ever since. Of course she said yes, it was a very special night that I will never forget.

We will leave it to you to decide who has the accurate portrayal of that night. Either way it sounds like a night that neither of them will ever forget.

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