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East India Company Ten Cash Coin, 1809

East India Company Ten Cash Coin, The Admiral Gardener 1809

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The Admiral Gardener was an East Indiaman making regular journeys between England and India during the 18th and 19th centuries. On a voyage from England to Madras, India, on January 25, 1809, the 813-ton Admiral Gardener sank on the 10-mile long Goodwin Sands bank soon after passing beyond the Straits of Dover.


Part of the Admiral Gardener's cargo consisted of coins to be used by the British East India Company. Most of the coins were Copper 10 Cash struck at the Soho mint in West Midlands, England. The copper for these coins came from Cornwall because the copper deposits there contained significant amounts of silver. Consequently, each of the Cash coins contains some silver.




The arms of the East India Company are on the Obverse, above the date. The reverse bears a Mughal inscription which means, "Ten cash are equal to two Falus" and an "X" denoting the denomination of 10 Cash. The Mughal Empire covered most of the Indian subcontinent and parts of what is now Afghanistan.


Set in Sterling Silver